Indian Food, the freezer and convenience

June 6, 2011 at 6:31 am (Convenience Cooking, Indian Food, Time Management)

As a bachelor, a general lack of time in the kitchen has forced me to find ways that cooking can be made more convenient. Sadly none of my attempts so far have clicked and settled into a regular routine. I’ve tried various things, from attempting to cook every single night (the time, effort and volume of dirty dishes is unimaginable) to cooking once a week and refrigerating or freezing food in bulk or individual portions. Each presenting its own problems with taste, freshness and longevity. In addition to these problems, I simply don’t like eating the same food over and over again. There’s a trade-off between convenience and taste and finding a sweet-spot has been tough. I’ve stumbled upon an idea which holds much promise, lets take a look:

Completely by accident, while perusing the excellent website Mamta’s Kitchen I came upon her recipe for Basic Curry Sauce Mamta suggests freezing this curry sauce and that strikes me as a brilliant idea. Defrost curry sauce and use for multiple vegetables, beans and legumes, the possibilities are quite promising. Remembering a tip from a friend, I realized I could freeze or refrigerate cooked lentils and temper either with some spices in ghee/oil or even with Mamta’s frozen curry sauce. No more pressure cooker to clean every time I cook dal! A little more googling tells me that I’ve barely scratched the surface, I saw suggestions and tips on freezing idli/dosa batter among other things. Clearly there is much to try and learn here.

The idea behind freezing curry sauce is that it can be defrosted, heated up and have vegetables, lentils, beans or paneer added to it to make many different kinds of dishes. This method promises flexibility in choosing what to eat, & convenience since I find chopping onions and tomatoes and turning them into a base for curry sauce repetitive. The sauce recipe is also general, in that spices can be added later for different flavors.

As a first attempt I am going to try the following recipe(s) and try them fresh and frozen. The second recipe is from the excellent website TheCurryHouse. I’ll also write about my experiments with freezing lentils and beans (chickpea’s and kidney for chole or raajma)

Mamta’s Kitchen Basic Curry Sauce

TheCurryHouse Basic Curry Sauce


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