No Knead Bread

December 23, 2011 at 12:02 pm (Recipes)

This recipe was featured by Mark Bittman in the New York Times nearly five years ago. I found this recipe when I became interested in baking my own bread, because of all the sugar in commercial sliced bread. It caused quite a stir in the parts of the blogosphere that care about such things.

The recipe truly looks simple and easy, it needs only 1 piece of specialized equipment, that while I do not currently own, I’m sure many do. (A large bowl, with lid that can be safely used in a 450F oven)

Here’s the original post and recipe by Mark Bittman.

Here’s a youtube video with Mark Bittman & Jim Lahey (who developed the recipe) showing how to make this no-knead bread:

This recipe was also featured in many other videos and blogs. Here’s one showing a cute four-year old making bread.

It also inspired a book by Jim Lahey:

Jim Lahey's My Bread

I can’t wait to try this out!


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